Summer ice in Inzell

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Hey world!

Currently I’m spending my time on summer ice here in Inzell with Norges Sk√łyte Akademi (NSA).

I had already signed with NSA last year, but because I chose to use my last year as a junior focusing 100 procent on inline world championships, I didn’t get to spend more than one week with the team last year.

This means that this is my first “real” training camp with the team, and I couldn’t be more excited! So far I am really loving the group and its atmosphere. So much support and so many good vibes! At the moment we are an allround girls-group of 5 (Ellen, Saskia, Camilla, Ida and me) the biggest I’ve ever trained with! It’s really exciting training with girls for a change, and this group is a great one. I’m really looking forward to improving the rest of the season with them.

It’s the first time ever, that I have been on summer ice. It’s really nice to be back on the ice again, doing what I love the most. This time it’s also on new viking skates! The first day I was really impressed that I had no pain at all. The skates were feeling great and felt a lot more in control of my feet and blades. BUT that was soon to be over. These last days the pain in my left has gotten so terrible that I almost can’t walk. So unfortunately I have to go back on my old skates until I fix my new ones. My biggest goal right now is just that they’ll be ready when the winter season starts! So fingers crossed!

Check back soon for more updates!

– Love Elena

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