First week of ice training

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Hey world!

First week of training here in Inzell is over. The plan that I made with coach C back home was to get in 17 hours of training, which were to be the longest week I would have ever had. So when I hit those 17 hours at Friday already, I knew the week, training wise, was gonna be a really good one. So yesterday (Sunday) I counted all the hours and I finished off the week just below 25 hours. All in all, I’m pretty happy that I don’t feel like my legs is falling off, but rather they feel just a little tired.

So were we just on the ice all the time? No, of course not – if so, I think my legs would definitely fall off!
Of course skating is the biggest piece of the pie with a little over 12 hours. On second comes cycling with 9 hours and 10 mins, then 3 hours of weight training and a short 20 minute recovery run.

All of this would not have been possible alone, that’s for sure! I’m so happy to have gone through this with the girls, it’s nice to hear that you’re not the only one with hurting legs.

We still have 4 days of training before we leave this Friday, and I’m sure they will be just as hard as this past week.

So what’s next for me? When I leave Friday I’m going back to Denmark and staying there for about a week before I leave with the Inline National Team to represent Denmark at this years European Championships in Holland. This year will be my first time skating in the senior category, exciting! But more on that later, so remember to stay tuned.

– Love Elena

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