Back in Denmark

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Hey world!

So I’m back in Denmark and will stay here for a little more than a week this time around.

I started off with a rest day after the two week camp in Inzell and was back on track Sunday. Sunday is usually the day we do mix trainings, which means starting with inline, then off-skate and finish it off with a bikeride.

Usually I only do this with coach C, but some weekends we’re (Viktor, Stefan and me) lucky enough to all be in Denmark at the same time. So this Sunday we were all home, although Stefan was not there for the first part of the training – boohoo. We were pretty unlucky with the weather so we skipped inline and got right into the off-skate in the rain, while Stefan was doing weights. After a nice lunch we went on the bike and met Stefan for a 2 hour ride – again in the rain.

As you can see on the picture above there is a little difference in me and Viktors appearance – I’m way more dirty. I decided to let the boys do the work in front and stayed in the back, resulting in me getting all the dirt from their back wheels in the face. Very nice. But I’m grateful I have those two leading for me, so I will survive a little dirt!

So far the rain has stayed away since Sunday, so hopefully it will stay that way until I leave again.
The plan now is to get as much inline done before we leave for the European Championships next Tuesday. Hopefully I will get used to my skates and the speed just in time!

See you soon!

– Love Elena

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