Expectations for European Inline Championships

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Hey world!

From today there is exactly one week until I will be back in the Danish National suit for the European Championships and I’m sitting here in front of my computer with a cup of camomile tea, a pack of Strepsils lozenges and a blanket wrapped around me, trying to fight a flu.

So not a good starting point for me I must admit, but I’m working on getting back on top.

Since the end of the World Inline Championships last November, my focus has been 100% on the ice. This means there has been a drastic change in the way I train and how the different training periods has been put together. For example, at this point I’m still doing loads of base training, like biking, long skates and weights with a lot of reps, where I last year would have done a lot of intense intervals on skates, less biking and heavier lifting with less reps.

Basically this means I’m a lot slower and that my endurance is a lot better – not really what you need to ace those point sprints in the long distance races. So my expectations are not at all what they was last year. This year is, as you probably know, my first year competing in the senior category, so that also makes my expectations a lot lower.

The track: I don’t really expect much of myself on the track. I think mostly I’ll use these races to get a feeling of where I stand in the group and just getting back into competition mode again. My top speed at this point is too far from everyone else’s and that’s really gonna be a struggle for me on the track.

The road track: The road however is much more my cup of tea if you will. I think the last time I skated on the road track in Heerde was in rain at a European Cup when I was still Cadet. So that’s a few years back and I’m really excited to try it out when we arrive next week. I’ve done so much work on the bike these past months that it has to pay off in strength. If I have any chances of doing good at this years euros I think it would be on the road or marathon. The reason for this is, that the strength and endurance is more of a factor in these races. If we are talking numbers for these races I’m aiming for a top 10-15 – it’s not much I know, but this way I don’t stress myself out and there is room for happy surprises!

The marathon: This is probably the race that I am most excited about. The course is pretty hard towards the finish going uphill. I’m afraid it’s just gonna be survival by the end. This year is also gonna be the first European Championships to allow 125mm wheels and the first marathon I will race on 125mm. I think it will be a challenge with the uphill part, but it’s the same for everybody. And fortunately our ARMA 125mm wheels will be ready just in time, so that’s really exciting to finally see the finished product and actually race on it! I don’t have a particular goal or expectation for the marathon, it’s so hard to have expectations in general I think. It’s a peloton that I have never actually raced with without a team or at all actually. It’s not every day the best skaters from every nation is gathered for one race. I just hope to do the best I can with the preparation I’ve done so far. And I have to remember I still don’t have to be my best right now, but rather in November where the dream of the Olympic Games start for real.

More updates to come, remember to check back in!

– Love Elena

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