The Greek Suit [GR]

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Hey World!

This week something new happened – I was in blue and white in stead of red and white. A couple of months ago I decided to make a Greek national suit, and I would like to explain why;

My father is Greek and I have always been very close with that side of the family despite me living thousands of kilometers away and for a while not even speaking the language.
My family, both Greek and Danish, has always supported me and my goals and even more when I really started to improve, and eventually be able to get top results in both the European- and World Championships.
But the thing is – I have always raced for and represented Denmark, but never Greece. The past couple of years I feel like it’s not just my Greek family that have supported me, but really the whole island of Kalymnos, even though I have never raced with their colors.
So I wanted to celebrate that and show them, that I really appreciate everything they do for me and how much they support me. Thats is also why I decided to put the island on the left side, right on top of my heart!

I might be wearing only red and white on the track, but inside I am red, blue and white!

– Love Elena

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