Back in business after euros!

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Hey World!

Just a short update for you after the European Champs…

Not less than one day after the europeans I am back to my regular training. Racing europeans was just one little step of the way towards my real goal. So I need to get back on track asap.

I spent the first week after euros at home in Denmark, training alone, mostly, and mostly on my bike. I did have one training with Viktor and Coach C in Copenhagen, at the very road where I first started skating! I love being back there now and then.

At the end of the week I skated our annual marathon race with the boys, winning the womens category in the time of 1:13. The race was pretty slow, as we were going pretty easy for the most of the race, with some attacks now and then. All in all it’s always a great race, with amazing people. Can’t wait for next year!

Right now I am training on the ice in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. For the first 1.5 weeks I am training with the Norwegian Skating Academy. After this camp ends I’m going directly into a new camp here in Leeuwarden, but with the Scandinavian Talent Project for about one week. We are almost one week into the first camp and so far the training has been hard! Last camp was more of a “get used to the ice again camp”, whereas this camp is much more intensive and the work we’re doing on the ice is really quality work now. It’s really nice to be back on the ice again, it’s always a great feeling stepping on the ice for the first time in while, you really get the feeling that you’re flying.

An update with my Viking Boots: Last training camp was the first time I tried my new custom Viking boots, and I did have a little trouble with them. As always new skates takes some getting used to, but there was something wrong with these ones that was not gonna go away with time. So I left my skates with Viking in Inzell and got them back this week all fixed and I must say they feel and look great! I’m so excited to be skating on them this season, it’s good to finally have some skates that just works.

My next training period will be a little more intensive than it has been so far. The past few months I have been doing a lot of easy and long bike rides, weight training, a lot of long skates and a lot of dryland. Now I am transferring to more intensive work on the bike and on the skates. So hopefully I should be getting a little faster – which is something I’m lacking very much at the moment!

Remember to check in again for more updates!

– Love Elena

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