Switching Between Inline and Ice

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Hey World!

Right now I’m in Leeuwarden training on ice – but that doesn’t mean I pack away my inlines completely.
I’ve been doing some nice long skates with these two guys you see on the picture above. Stefan and I started on inlines and our Norwegian friend August actually started on the ice, but has been doing loads of inline, even participated in the European and World Champs, so he’s basically an inliner if you ask me!

Anyway, when the other guys from our team see us going on inlines during a long track camp, they look at us like we are crazy.
The reason is, when you come from ice and only use inline for training in the summer and never really switch regularly between the two sports it’s hard to quickly regulate your technique to the current surface that you’re skating on. So when they see us putting on wheels, they think of just that. For those of you who has never been on ice or inline, the technique may look similar, but it’s not. There are a lot of ‘mistakes’, technique-wise, that you are ‘allowed’ to do on inlines, without being slow, that you just aren’t allowed to do on the ice. For example, if you don’t use your hip the correct way or don’t get that edge of the blade into the ice quite right you are just gonna be slower than the ones that do get it right. So when you try to switch between the two you might ‘lose’ your technique and forget the things you’ve been working so hard on, on the ice.

For me and I think a lot of the other Danish skaters coming from inline it’s been pretty easy going back and forth between ice and road. But it’s not just coming from inline that does the trick! Since we live in Denmark where there are no tracks we have to travel to go on the ice. But staying is pretty expensive and it’s hard to keep up with university if I’m not going back to listen to lectures and work on group projects. This means we are roughly two weeks out and about and two weeks at home. And you guess it – when we are at home we use inlines as a replacement for the ice. So when you switch every two weeks during the whole ice season you get pretty good at it – or at least I’d like to think so!

So there you have it, the secret to switching successfully between the road and the ice.

– Love Elena

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