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Hey Fam!

Okay, so I’ve been really bad at updating the blog lately, but fear not! I will let you in on every I’ve been doing for the past two-three weeks.

I stared off with about two weeks (more like 1,5 weeks) in Leeuwarden with the STP group, getting in some really good trainings on the ice. At this point we are doing a lot more speed work and a lot more high-intense trainings on the ice, as we are getting more and more close to the World Cups.
And not to forget during this high-intense period, is to still get those long-a** bike rides done! Don’t wanna lose your endurance! And also, I really like those long rides. So, obviously we did a lot of biking too…
I always enjoy training and hanging out with this group. It makes being away from home for 3-4 weeks waaaay easier.

After Leeuwarden, Stefan, Mads and I went directly to Berlin for the marathon.
It was good to be back in Berlin, just touristing a bit for a change. I was lucky to have my good friends Mads show me some of the cool downtown attractions, that I hadn’t seen before despite the many times I have been in Berlin.
I’m gonna go quite quickly over the marathon, since this year wasn’t too important for me. It started off pretty slow and was like this for the most of the race. About 5k in, Manon went, and while I saw it happening, I was to hesitate to act on it, which was, looking back, pretty stupid. From then on there was a few attempts to catch up to her, but none was really successful. I think we could actually see her for about 30 mins, but at one point she was out of sight, and that affected the speed. I think everyone new it was gonna end in a mass sprint for the 2nd and 3rd place, so everyone was trying to save their powers, and so the speed went down. This meant FIGHTING. It was pretty crazy this year. As Stefan said, it’s like the guys’ are getting more and more fast, and therefore fight less, while with the girls it’s the other way around. Which sucks. Coming down the finishing straight, it was like people were in war and I probably almost crashed 3 times from people skating into me and pushing and grabbing me. So at one point I was like, f*** it, I’m just gonna step out of the group and do my own thing out here on the side.
I think I finished around 20, but really I didn’t care too much about the result. I was there for the fun, and to get a little used to racing competitions again.

Next stop for Stefan and I was Inzell.
It was a short trip, only really going to race the test race over the weekend. We skated 500m, 1500m and 3000m, racing one race a day from friday to sunday. Between the races we had one training, so the goal was not to be good during the races, but to implement them in our training.
It’s no secret the 500m is not my strong side, but I do like racing it. I finished in 41,80 which was a PB and NR. What a sprinter country we are here in Denmark.
Saturday I skated the 3k, which was a race I was so, so nervous for. The last 3k I did, which was last season, I completely exploded with 2,5 laps to go, and I didn’t wanna do that again. Also the last time I did a World Cup (WC) qualification time was in 2014, so I wasn’t qualified to race the distance anymore. The plan before the race, was to start off really easy, only based on feeling, and go on from there and maybe bring it down towards the end. I was to rather start in 36’s than 33’s and maybe finish on a 33′. What happened was, I really surprised myself and did the flattest race I have ever done, with every lap in 34’s and within 0,4s of each other. My time was 4.24, so now I’m again qualified for the WC.
Last race was the 1500m, a race where I have been 0,1s from the WC time for about a year. I finally nailed it this time! With a time of 2.04,55 I will be skating the 1500m at WC’s this year! It was probably the race I was most happy about from this weekend.
It was really a relief to have those two distances secure, and also a nice conformation that I’m doing something right!

I will try to post updates more regularly, so they are not this long next time.

Until then,

– Love Elena

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