Last test races done!

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Hey fam!

I’ve just arrived home from two weeks on the ice in Inzell.
It’s been a rough couple of weeks with both training and racing, so I’m really looking forward to relaxing a little bit before it’s getting really serious in Asia.

To be honest I haven’t been feeling like me and my technique has been the best of friends lately. My ice feeling is not really where I feel like it needs to be at this point, but it has been really good this season, so I’m sure it’ll come back to me (hopefully very soon). Despite that, the races I’ve done has been really good. Coming home with two PB’s (1000m and 1500m) and two 3k’s that were just one sec slower than my PB I’m pretty confident my shape is where it needs to be.

The first 3000m I did, when I was in Inzell in September, the lap times were really flat. After that race, I felt like I still had a lot more in me. I wasn’t really tired. So we decided that the one this weekend, I would try to go all-out to see wether or not my legs would blow up. My legs blew up. I started at 32′ and finished at 37′ and that drop is way too big. The reason we did it, is to try and figure out how I should race a 3k to get the fastest possible time without having too much energy left after and without having totally blown up. This is why we race all of these test races before the world cup, well that and to get back into competition mode.

So what’s next?

Right now I’m back in Denmark. What’s most important is that I get my head relaxing and get in some nice trainings. I’ll stay here for about 1,5 weeks before flying to China. Then it gets really exciting!

Stay tuned for updates from china!

– Love Elena

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