China Day 1 & 2

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Hey Fam!

They say the best way to fight jetlag is by drinking water and working out, so why am I so tired?!

We started our journey Thursday night by flying from Copenhagen to Beijing. We landed Friday at 1pm local time, expecting to catch our next flight to Harbin at 5pm, only do discover that all flights to Harbin were cancelled due to bad weather. Great right? The next few hours we spent arranging new flights and accommodation for the night and most of all being frustrated that we wouldn’t be arriving in Harbin that day. But to see the positive thing in all of the mess, it kept us busy so we wouldn’t sleep early. The main thing to fight jetlag when travelling east is to not go to bed too early. This way you force your body to get used to the new time zone faster.

The next day we woke up early to catch a 8.50am flight, but of course that flight was delayed. So we waited a few hours, but the flight did leave. Thank God. When we arrived in Harbin, we were welcomed by no less than 5 people. They showed us to a shuttle bus, that would drive us the 1 hour from the airport to the hotel. At the hotel we were greeted by another 3 people. Before we left for China, I think our biggest concern about the hotel was the food. We’ve heard from the inline team, who went to worlds here a few months ago, that the food in China was, well, a little strange. But to our surprise the food was not all that bad. So I’m happy about that.

I think the biggest difference between Europe and China would be the level of pollution. Every day here is filled with smog. It looks like there is a heavy fog all day every day. To be honest I’m happy that we’re only here for 11 days. I’m sure it’s not healthy when the pollution level is 999/1000 – hints, why we are wearing masks/neck warmers in the picture above.

Today we stepped on the ice for the first time. I was pretty sceptical since Viktor, who has been here for a few days, said the ice was really bad. I guess we had the perfect timing, since today was the first day with really great ice. It felt fast, technique felt good and legs felt good. Well not during the first set of laps, but after the first ice prep, I felt flying. I’m really hoping that feeling continues. It will!

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– Love Elena

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