China Day 5 & 6

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Hey Fam!

I skipped day 3 and 4 because, well nothing special was happening. We did some easy laps on the ice to get used to the ice and to get used to time zone. By doing more easy trainings we adapt faster, because we don’t tire out the body more than it already is from the travel. Off the track we basically stayed in the hotel. The air is so bad we don’t really bother to go outside to get fresh air or not so fresh air. The 4th day was the worst day jetlag wise though. I didn’t sleep at all between day 3 and 4, and felt like a zombie the whole day. But that just made a whole lot more tired, so I could sleep through the following night.

Day 5
This was the first day we did speed work on the ice. Stefan and I decided to take the afternoon session, while the rest of the guys went on the ice in the morning. It was quite nice to sleep in for once, not that I felt particularly well rested when I woke up. There’s just something about not waking up from your alarm.
On the ice we did some tempos, which was kind of nice. It just really woke up the body. My straights still feel a bit uncoordinated, but they are getting there. I definitely feel like I have more control over my skates. Times are looking pretty good. The ice is slower than the European tracks we usually train on, so the times are also a bit slower than they would usually be. I’m confident that I’ll get faster as my body gets more and more rested. It also seems like the ice is getting better and better the closer we get to the World Cup, so I’m excited for our next trainings.

Day 6
At this point we’ve already had 3 days on the ice, so we took a day off the ice. I did go to the track, but to do some recovery biking. I was lucky I arrived when I did since 5 minutes later all bikes were occupied and people were waiting for bikes to do cool down. I really did need the day off ice just to shake through my legs a little bit, so hopefully tomorrow they’ll be ready for a hard mass start training!
In the afternoon we went on a little touristing, or not really. We walked to the local Wall-Mart and had a look. If you are wondering, they are exactly like the American one, just with more weird stuff – if you can imagine that. To make everything more American, we went to get a coffee at Starbucks afterwards. The most exciting part of the trip was probably the 5 minute taxi trip back to the hotel. The traffic here has it’s own rules – there are no rules. At one point the cars were stopping at a red light, and the taxidriver decided to pass everyone by driving into the opposite lane where the cars were coming towards us, and to top everything off he drove through the red light. You can really get away with everything here and the thing is, it really seems like they know what they are doing. We haven’t seen one accident despite the thousands of dangerous situations. Anyway, we lived to fight another day. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

– Love Elena

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