China Day 7

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Hey Fam!

It’s race prep day!

Day 7
I started the day off waking up 2 hours too late and missed the first ice session where I was supposed to do race prep. Good job! But after the first feeling of panic had passed, I had to make a new plan for the day. Luckily there is always an ice session in the afternoon too, so I would have to do my race prep during that session instead. The ‘danger’ with doing it later is that my legs could start to feel a little wobbly since I only did recovery training yesterday. So to prevent that I did a little cycling after breakfast with Stefan. Lucky for me he was gonna do the afternoon session too. So I wouldn’t be alone.
The commute to the track had been a lot longer all day. I’m not sure if there were more people taking their cars, maybe because of the snow (it had started snowing during the night) or if it was just usual Thursday traffic. But it did take 1,5 hour to get to the track, whereas it normally took half an hour. Quite a difference.
So when we got to the ice it was straight to the warmup and on the ice. On the track I prepared for the 3000m. Doing some tempo laps and a 3k start. My lap times were where they needed to be, which I was quite scared they wouldn’t be. It made me a lot more calm to know I am where I need to be and I feel a lot more ready than I did just a day ago.
The last thing I did before going to bed was sharpen my skates. In company with Viktor. It’s just waaay more fun doing it, wheb you’re doing it together. Nothing more boring than sharpening your skates alone. Also I’m pretty sure my blades have never been more sharp in their lifetime – no excuses.

I’m excited to see how the race tomorrow will go, even though the 3000m is not my best distance. I’m confident I have the ability to surprise myself – and I hope I will! Now it’s just relaxing until the start tomorrow.

– Love Elena

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