Hello Japan!

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Hey Fam!

If you’ve been following by facebook page, you know I have been quite busy this week with exams. Which is why I haven’t been updating the blog. I’ve missed the last day of China and the first days here in Japan. Japan is amazing by the way!

Last day in China
The last day of the World Cup I skated 1500m and Mass Start.
I way pretty disappointed after the 1500m to be honest. It was by far not what I know I can do, but I think overall in China something was just not working. What is was is hard to say, but you can always speculate. There are so many factors as to why you are having a bad day or a bad weekend, I might have been the sleep, the food, the training, might even have been the air. The thing is you never know for sure. So I guess the best solution is to optimise all of the above. And as an athlete I think you are always trying to do just that. It is a challenge though, because what might work for others might not work for you. So it’s basically just trying a bunch of strategies and finding one that works for you, and that might take time.
The Mass Start however, was looking better. I finished 15th, receiving 14 WC points. The race was a pretty tough race. I tried finding some chances to grab a point, but going for points really takes a lot of energy, and especially on this ice. So I didn’t really get to do a successful try. I did manage to more very well in the group (I am still an inliner you know), so I think that’s what I need to take with me from this weekend. It makes the race a lot easier, and that’s always a good thing.

I must admit, I was pretty happy to leave China. The races and just my ice feeling and technique had been feeling all wrong and I was in need of a change of scenery.

Japan, first days
We arrived basically in the middle of the night, 3.30am to be exact. It was quite a long travel starting at 11am filled with delays and other difficulties. But we made it.
The first day was a pretty chill day. We just biked a bit to recover from the trip and took a walk around the local area. The best thing: fresh air!
When we stepped on the ice Tuesday the feeling was already way better. The ice here is for sure faster than in Harbin, but it also gets cut up fast. Good thing I’m always in the first pairs! The Mass Start will be interesting though…. But more on that later!

– Love Elena

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