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Hey Fam!

So the first two World Cups are over and I’m back home in Denmark for 6 days before heading to Astana and Heerenveen for the next two World Cups. Right now I’m trying my best to stay in the time zone of Kazakhstan, since I’m only here for 6 days.

Friday – 3000m
I was really surprised with this race. I remember looking at my lap times and thinking, this is gonna be a really good time. I dropped a little to early to 34’s, but there is always gonna be something that you can work on. I ended up going 9 seconds faster than last weekend and beating my PB with 4 seconds, so that’s a pretty huge skip from just the week before. After the race I was pretty stressed since I still had one exam to finish, so I rushed back to the hotel to finish it and send it off to Denmark. I do think the shifted stress from racing to school made me think of something else instead of being nervous about the race. Although having two exams in the middle of a World Cup is not the ideal scenario, I think it was actually a good thing.

This day I was supposed to have semi finals for the Mass Start, but since one person pulled out, they were cancelled. I was pretty happy about that, since that took off some stress of qualifying for the final.
Instead I did a little touristing, taking a jog to this big temple just a few kilometers away. People always ask me if I get to see something, besides the rink, and I usually find the time to do so. This way of combining a little recovery with some sightseeing works out pretty well.

Sunday was a busy day! I had both the 1500m and the Mass Start. My 1500m was in the morning and Mass Start in the evening, so I had some time in between to recover.
I was more nervous before the 1500m than I had been last weekend. I’m not quite sure why, but I was. I tried to do a shorter warmup than usual, not to tire myself out, because my warmups are pretty long. I think that worked out really good. I do think I should take the time to do some more explosive exercises for the start. But I’ll save that for next time! My time was good ending up being a PB, but by less than a second. I lose it all in my start though. By the first 300m I’ve already lost one second, so there is a lot to work on there.
The Mass Start did not go as planned. I was moving pretty well in the group, but my timing for points were just off. I started out way too early and was on the outside for too long, which just tired me out. So I ended up getting no points and being dead trying to survive the last four laps. Well, better luck next time!

– Love Elena

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