Korea Day 1

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Hey Fam!

It’s finally that time of the season! The World Championships is here.
This has been the main goal all season, so I’m really excited to finally be here and in next years Olympic Oval nonetheless.

First impressions,
Driving coast to coast from the airport Incheon to our hotel near the ring in Gangneung took us about 4 hours. There wasn’t much to see, since there was a huge fence or hill surrounding the highway. But what you could see was a lot of empty fields or tall apartment buildings, which kind of reminded me of China. The people here are, fortunately, way nicer.
Turns out they kind of love Europe here. They have a lot of Danish products and our hotel basically looks like a Greek island, which kind of makes me feel more comfortable.
The hotel is great, for summer, ha. There is a nice beach, a water park and a nice outside deck. But still the view is great.
Coffee is not great…But I’ll manage.

We’re still getting over the jetlag, so we’ve only done a light training today, off ice. I’m really excited to go on skates tomorrow, the ice is supposed to be pretty good. Although I’m only skating mass start, where it doesn’t really matter if the ice is fast, but it’s always nicer to train on a fast ice.

I’ll keep you updated on that!

– Love Elena

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