Korea Day 2

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Hey Fam!

Today we went to do our first training on the ice!

The Looks,
So first impression of next years Olympic ice rink, from the outside, was not amazing. It didn’t scream ‘Olympics’ like the one we saw in Nagano in Japan. Turns out, what we saw was only the back entrance and the front is way cooler.
Inside, however, looked like a mix of the rink in Harbin and the rink in Nagano. It was cool that they had printed ‘World Championships’ and not ‘Olympic Games’ or something like that. It shows that they might intend to keep the track there and not tear it down right after the Olympics has ended, like they did in Sochi. Really a shame, they should throw some of that money into a track in Denmark, am I right???

The Ice,
Was a lot better than what we had hoped for before we left Denmark. When we arrived some said it might be the fastest low-land ice in the world. And it is fast. But I always feel like the trainings before, when a lot of people are one the ice, makes the ice seem faster than it really is, because of the draft the people create. But we will see how the ice really is when the races start Thursday.
We only did easy laps on the ice, but still the lap times were pretty fast, so I’m hoping for the best – for Viktor – fast ice is not really an important thing in the mass start.
The important thing to me is, that I feel good on the ice, and considering the long travel plus jetlag, the laps did feel good. I still have a lot of days to get the legs in order, so I’m confident I’ll feel ready on Sunday.
Side note: They even flew in the guys who clean the ice in Thialf to do the ice here during the championships, pretty cool huh?

Until tomorrow,

– Love Elena

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