Who am I?


When I started inline skating as a 5-year-old I never imagined being an olympian would ever be my goal. Ever since I can imagine my biggest goal was to become European Champion as an inline skater. In the summer of 2016 that happened. When I switched to long-track speedskating 10 years later in 2010, I became aware of the idea of the Winter Olympics one day. In 2018 that became a reality, too! As my results grow, so do my ambitions. Today, I have my mind set on a medal at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The team

Being an athlete is not all that lonely. It takes loads of support from family, coaches and good friends. Luckily I have all of that around me all the time. My family is the reason I started skating back in 2000. My cousin is the national coach, my mother in the board of the National Skating Federation, my grandmother the head of my inline club and my best friends are the ones I train with almost every day. This group of people are one of the many things that keeps me motivated every day!


My name is Elena Rigas and I’m 22 years old. I currently live in Denmark, but in reality I live in a suitcase. Trying to train in the best environments means traveling to get there, all the time. But not all training camps have to be away from home. My dad is from Greece, which gives me great opportunities to go on training camps a little away from my regular home. Luckily I also have an opportunity to visit my brother and his wife in California, which can be great during the cold winter in Denmark. Although skating and the travelling that comes with it takes up most of my time I am finding some time to study. Currently I am doing a bachelor majoring in International Relations at the University of Roskilde in Denmark and plan to keep studying there until I finish my Masters degree.


One of the most important things trying to reach the olympics is sponsors. To be the best you need the best, and that costs money. My two, by far, biggest sponsors are my mom and dad. Besides them I am a part of four teams. First is Team Toyota who helps me get me to the ice around the world. This helps me get the best skating conditions as well as helping me bring all of my gear with me! Secondly, my homeclub (inline) VARK here in Denmark, supports all international championships. The third team is ARMA Arena Geisingen team, which supplies me with one of the best inline wheels on the market and access to the fastest track in the world. Third is Team Integra Advokater – Giant, who supply me with a bike and nutrition for the road. Besides my teams, I have 2XU helping me to improve my recovery. Read more about sponsors under “Sponsors” in the top menu.

Results and Personal Records

Personal Records

  • 500m

    41,80 sec

  • 1000m

    1.21,71 min

  • 1500m

    2.02,48 min

  • 3000m

    4.11,69 min


  • The XXIII Olympic Winter

    17th Place – Mass start

  • Speed Skating
    World Cups 2017/18

    16th Place – Mass start Heerenven
    2nd Place – Mass start Calgary
    5th Place – Mass start Salt Lake City

  • World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships 2017

    8th Place – Mass start

  • Speed Skating
    World Cups 2016/17

    15th Place – Mass start Harbin
    19th Place – Mass start Nagano
    9th Place – Mass start Astana
    7th Place – Mass start Heerenveen

  • Junior World Speed Skating Championships 2015

    4th Place – Mass start
    17th Place – 3000m
    18th Place – Allround

  • European Inline
    Championships 2015

    Gold – 10.000m Points Elimination
    Silver – 15.000m Elimination

    Gold – 10.000m Points
    Gold – 20.000m Elimination
    Bronze – Marathon

  • World Inline
    Championships 2015

    8th – 10.000m Points Elimination
    9th – 15.000m Elimination

    8th – 10.000m Points
    8th – 20.000m Elimination
    6th – Marathon

  • Speed Skating
    World Cups 2014/15

    14th Place – Mass start Berlin
    14th Place – Mass start Heerenveen
    16th Place – Mass start Hamar

  • European Inline
    Championships 2014

    Bronze – 10.000m Points Elimination
    Bronze – 15.000m Elimination

    Bronze – 10.000m Points