• Toyota Danmark

    I am very proud to be a part of Team Toyota, helping them in their pursuit of mobility for all. Toyota Denmark has generously supported me with a car, so that I will never have to leave any equipment behind when going on training camps. This has helped me a great deal in pursuing the best conditions for me to become better.

  • Team Danmark

    Team Danmark has recently joined forces with the Danish Skating Union. Together they are creating better prerequisites for all Danish top-level skaters. This means that even without the ice under our feet, we are coming closer to the conditions of our competition.

  • Team Integra Advokater - Giant

    As of spring 2018 I signed with a bicycle team in Denmark. As you may know a lot of my training is on a bike and therefore this team has been essential in my spring and summer preparations. They have supported me not only with great training, but also with nutrition and a Liv bike for the bike season!

  • 2XU

    2XU is a new addition to the family, joining me in my pursuit of becoming an olympian in late summer 2017. This brand helps me get the best recovery both during and after training, supplying me with the best compression tights. This will help me get a better prerequisite to achieve my goals. Get your own compression tights here.

  • Mom and Dad

    Shout out to my two biggest sponsors and supporters of all time! I could not be doing what I’m doing if my parents hadn’t supported me financially and mentally throughout all these years that I have been skating.

  • You?

    Do you have a brand or company, that needs a little advertising internationally or that might have an interest in supporting aspiring athletes, I promise I will be a good investment. Contact me at elena.moller-rigas@olympian.org and lets talk business!